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Consulting: web design, accessibility, technology and optimization for search engines

I am happy to help you with designing and planning your website. I'll assist in putting your ideas to the web.

Web Design 

When designing a website it is important that it reflects the personality of the company or the company owner. Therefore we place value on a detailed preliminary consulting to learn about the company and the idea behind it.

Locally and Internationally 

A company from Bremen on the Internet can present itself to the general public, but it does so in competition with all other shops in this area. Therefore it is important not to drown in the crowd, but to convince by quality and originality. 

But the local reference is important because the most frequent visitors are satisfied customers who inform others via internet and word of mouth.


Accessibility is important. It helps impaired people to access your content and in the same way search engeines profit from accessible content. 

But not only disabled people benefit from accessibility, Every body else will appreciate a simple and clear design. The visitors stay longer and will not leave your site frustrated by a complicated user interface. And above all, they come back. 


You can optimize a Web site in terms of different aspects. Speed, browser compatibility and search engine placement. 

The speed should not be neglected, even in times of DSL. Firstly because not everyone has DSL, and on the other side, you are preserving resources if you try to minimize your ecological footprint in CPU-time and kilobytes to transfer.  

Search engine optimization is important because these make the difference in the placement in the search engine. But most important is good content, then you do not need tricks to improve the placement in the search engines.