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M-CMS: a content management system for managing your web site contents

M-CMS LogoThe content management system M-CMS is designed for search engine friendliness and accessibility. It offers extensive freedom in terms of design, structure and multilingualism of web sites.

The Most Important Features

  • Multilingual: M-CMS supports multiple languages, including those with non-european charachters, such as arabic, mandarin or cyrillic (with the respective character sets or UTF-8). Language versions of the same content are associated with each other, so that you can quickly switch between the languages.
  • Accessibility: Links and images can be provided with alternative texts (for visually impaired users and search engines) and there are labels to get quickly to the menu or the page content. Keyboard operation is supported.
  • Preview: Using the preview function you see how the website will look before you save the changes.
  • Search engine optimization: the system picks keywords from your text. A title and description can be specified to each page. M-CMS automatically creates a "Sitemap" with the change data for the pages that will be evaluated by Google.
  • Static URLs: the linking of pages is done in plain text. The visitor always knows where he is, and search engines see different pages.
  • Web standards: Web standards, like XHTML or HTML5 and CSS are supported of course.
  • Forms: Check the input and display meaningful error messages. In the Administration you can select which fields should be filled out. Fields in which entries are missing, are highlighted.
  • Template system: What makes M-CMS so powerful is its template system, Gallery, contact form, link collection. Thus, each page can be customized to specific requirements. There is the possibility to integrate and call functions (such as for example an interactive calendar) directly from the template. Together with the flexible plugin system almost every application can be (shop, portals, and other database applications are developed so already).
  • Optimization: Through the optimization of database queries, even larger applications are readily available and you won't need to wait for the page. This is supported by a built-in cache. This way, the generation of a page takes often less than 200 ms.
    The amount of data that is transferred is kept low through optimized graphics and images as well as compression. This saves bandwidth and resources.
  • Individuallity: The content management system is customized to the customer's needs. So, your corporate identity on each page stays visible.
  • From old to new: You like your webpage as it is, but you want to use all the benefits mentioned above. M-CMS can be implementnted behind almost any Web page (exept for Flash sites).


/images/bilder/thumbs/12_10_referenz_bild_pj-malereiundgrafik.jpg Most of the pages in our refereces an all pages of our partners are created with M-CMS.