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Search engine optimization: Quality and accessibility for better indexing

There are a few things you should consider when publishing a Web page.


The first step on the way to a good placement is concern for a high-quality site, i.e. it must have relevant content. If the copy is relevant to the human visitor it's good to the search engines too.

The relevant words in the copy have to occur more often but not excessively. Search engines can't see your images but read your texts. Additional information can be helpful to users and engines.


This means, that menus and links need to have a title and images should have alternate text (which is displayed when the image is not loaded). Try to embed relevant keywords into titles an descriptions.

Keywords and Description

Keywords and description of the page contents are still important, if one takes care of the SEO of a website. However keyword deserts do not help; It's better to limit the amount of keyword to just a few per page and add more pages if necessary..

The same applies to the description of the page: the better it fits the content, the better the chance for it to be displayed with the search results

Link Exchange

Create incoming links with webpage catalogs, blogs and in forums or with other websites. These links are found by search engines and give relevance and reputation to your site.


And finally the search engines need to be informed about the content, which is done through the sitemap (sitemap.xml) which is read by the search engine robots. There they'll find the information which pages have been changed and need to be revisited.