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Webdesign Haas, Bremen

Personalized consulting
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Webdesign Haas
Marcus Haas
Flüggestr. 14

Tel. 0421 / 387 13 60
Mobile: 0162 / 95 75 407

Websites for Artists and creative people

Photographers, artists, sculptors and other creative people need websites that reflect their personality and create a personal picture of the artist and his works on the Internet.

Geige, Bratsche und Cello in Bremen

www.geige-cello-bremen.de - Geige, Bratsche und Cello in Bremen

Hella Klußmeyer (violin and viola teacher) and Thomas Birkhahn (teacher of the cello) offer qualified instruction. The new homepage uses the content management system M-CMS and is based on the design of the previous version - just refreshed.


Kati Rausch - Actress

www.katirausch.de - Kati Rausch - Actress

Kati Rausch presents her acting talent on these web pages. With information about her Vita, a photo gallery, video samples, and current projects for her fans and interested producers (in German, English, Danish).



www.thomasbirkhahn.de - Naturfotografie

Thomas Birkhahn presents nature shots from the field of macro photography on his new website.


Anneke ter Veen

www.anneke-ter-veen.de - Anneke ter Veen

The versatile moderator and actress Anneke ter Veen has extensive experience both in front of the camera and on stage.


Michéle Burluraux

www.michele-burluraux.com - Michéle Burluraux

Michèle has practiced her drawing skills since early age. She now displays her works on her new website.


Gertje und Arno Kollmann

www.kunst-raum.com - Gertje und Arno Kollmann

Arno and Gertje Kollmann present their art studio and gallery for contemporary painting and photography. The design was made Gertje herself and was implemented by Webdesign Haas.


Petra Jaudszus

www.pj-malereiundgrafik.de - Petra Jaudszus

Petra Jaudszus paints portraits after photo, she has designed custom wall design and puts your business in the limelight with flyer and print design. The design is based on her own designs.