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Webdesign Haas, Bremen

Personalized consulting
and web design for
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Webdesign Haas
Marcus Haas
Flüggestr. 14

Tel. 0421 / 387 13 60
Mobile: 0162 / 95 75 407

Business, Freelance and commercial websites

For companies and self-employed, we try to incorporate personality and individual character in the design of web sites.


www.sar-mini.com - Sar-Mini

SAR-Mini is a GPS-Tracker, supposed to help find a stolen bike, or detect movement of propperty during theft. Apart from that it can be used to track positions during a race or on holidays.


Tietje Zinn, Maler und Betonbaumeister

www.tietjezinn.de - Tietje Zinn, Maler und Betonbaumeister

With experience in the construction and supported by qualified staff Tietje Zinn does wall, stucco and tile work to the latest state of the art. Design: Karsten Elze, Edelzeichen.


Sägewerk Neuhatten

www.saegewerk-neuhatten.de - Sägewerk Neuhatten

The sawmill Neuhatten can look back on a long tradition and with the new website confidently into the future. Design by Grafik & [Ko].


London Aquarium Maintenance

www.londonaquariummaintenance.com/ - London Aquarium Maintenance

For the London Aquarium Service we made these pages based on the design by James Harrup (JWH-creative


Dorothea Brummerloh

www.dorothea-brummerloh.de - Dorothea Brummerloh

Dorothea Brummerloh is a freelance journalist. Her portfolio includes medical contributions, miscellaneous and science journalism. Of course, there are a few samples of her works for NDR and NWR on her side.